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Course Description

This ITIL® Managing Professional training focuses on key concepts and dimensions of service management, ITIL® service value system, and ITIL® guiding principles and practices. This course will help you understand how to use ITIL® tools and techniques to improve efficiency and the customer experience.



Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the key concepts of service management 
    • Understand how the ITIL guiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt service management  
    • Understand the four dimensions of service management 
    • Understand the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system 


1 Introduction

    Why ITIL 4
    Current certification road map and ITIL strategic leader
    The need for service management
    The purpose and evolution of ITIL 4
    ITIL Service Value System and Four dimension of ITIL 4

2 Key concept of ITIL 4

    Understanding Value
    Value creation
    Other stake holder value
    Service and product
    Service offering
    Service Relationship
    Service provision and consumption
    Service relationship model
    Value - outcomes,costs, risk
    Output and outcome
    Understanding cost and risk
    Utility and warranty

3 The four dimension of service management

    Four Dimension of service management
    Organisation and people
    Information and technology
    Partners and suppliers
    Value streams and process
    The service value system

4 The ITIL guiding principle

    Focus on value and start where you are
    Progress Interatively with feedback
    Collaborate and promote visibility
    Think and work holistically
    Keep it simple and practical
    Optimize and automate

5 The service value chain

    interaction with practice
    Design and transition
    Obtain and build
    Deliver and support
    Value stream and service value chain
    Review of service value chain and knowledge check.

6 Create Deliver and Support

    Create Deliver and Support

7 Results based measuring and reporting

    Results based measuring and reporting
    The Value Stream for A New Service
    Know How to Create, Deliver, & Support

8 Drive Stakeholder Value

    Drive Stakeholder Value
    The Concept of the Customer Journey
    Know How to Foster Stakeholder Relationship
    Designing Digital Service Experience
    Selling & Procuring Service Offerings
    Relating with users & Foster Relationship
    How User Request Service

9 High velocity IT

    High Velocity IT Part 1
    High Velocity IT Part 2

10 Direct Plan and Improve

    Direct Plan and Improve

11 Organisational change management

    Organisational change management




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