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Course Description

The module – which is applicable to both ITIL® Strategic Leader and Managing Professional streams – supports anyone involved in directing or planning action based on a defined strategy and in continual improvement. This material is not about leadership skills existing only at the top; wherever a person is in their organization or career, there is something they need to plan, direct, and improve.



Learning Outcomes

    - Understand the key concepts of Direct, Plan, and Improve

    - Understand the role of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and how to integrate with the service value system (SVS)

    - Understand how to use the key principles and methods of measurement and reporting in directing, planning, and improvement

    - Understand the differences between value streams and practices while learning how to select and use the appropriate techniques to direct, plan, and improve them

    ***Certification exam is Mandatory For this Course***


Understand the Key Concepts of Direct, Plan & Improve

    Understand the key terms
    Differences between the following key concepts

Overview of ITIL 4 Foundation

    Key concept of Service management and the purpose of ITIL 4
    Definition of Value
    Definition of Service
    Definition And Understanding of Service Management
    Service Provide, Consumer And Service Relationship, Stakeholder
    Service and product
    Service Offering
    Service Relationship
    Service Provisioning And Consumption
    Service Relationship Model
    Value Outcomes, Cost, Risk And Understanding Risk And Cost
    Output and Outcomes
    Utility and Warranty
    Service Value System
    Introduction to the Four Dimension of ITIL 4
    Organization and People
    Information and Technology
    Partner and Suppliers
    Value Stream And Processes
    Service value system ,components of guiding principle
    The ITIL Guiding Principles
    Focus on Value : Guiding Principle
    Start Where You Are: Guiding Principle
    Progress Iteratively with Feedback
    Collaborate And Promote Visibility
    Think And Work Holistically
    Keep It Simple And Practical
    Optimize And Automate
    The Service Value Chain
    Plan - Service Value Chain Activity
    Improve - Service Value Chain Activity
    Engage - Service Value Chain Activity
    Design And Transition - Service Value Chain Activity
    Deliver And Support - Service Value Chain Activity
    Obtain And Build - Service Value Chain Activity
    Value Stream And Service Value Chain
    Service management and the need of SM

Understand the Scope of What Is to Be Directed And/Or Planned, And Know How to Use Key Principles And Methods of Direction And Planning in That Context

    Identify the Decision Making Authority And Scope of Control
    Goal Cascade, Policies Control And Guideline

Understand the Role of Governance, Risk And Compliance (GRC) And Know How to Integrate the Principles And Methods into the Service Value System

    Understand the Role of Risk And Risk Management in DPI
    Understand How Governance Impacts DPI
    Know How to Ensure That Controls Are Sufficient, But Not Excessive

Understand And Know How to Use the Key Principles And Methods of Continual Improvement for All Types of Improvements

    Know How to Use the ITIL Continual Improvement Model to Improve the Service Value System or Any Part of the SVS.
    Know How to Identify Assessment Objectives, Outputs, Requirements And Criteria.
    Know How to Select An Appropriate Assessment Method for a Particular Situation.
    Know How to Define And Prioritize Desired Outcomes of an Improvement.
    Know How to Build, Justify And Advocate for a Business Case
    How to Conduct Improvement Reviews & Analysis of Lessons Learned 4.7 Embed Continual Improvement

Understand And Know How to Use the Key Principles And Methods of Communication And Organizational Change Management to Direction, Planning And Improvement

    Understand the Nature, Scope And Potential Benefits of Organizational Change
    Effectively Communicate with And Influence Others
    Establish Effective Feedback Channels

Understand And Know How to Use the Key Principles And Methods of Measurement And Reporting in Direction, Planning And Improvement

    Know How to Define Indicators And Metrics to Support Objectives
    Identify and manage different types of stakeholders

Understand And Know How to Direct, Plan And Improve Value Streams And Practices

    Understand the Differences Between Value Streams And Practices
    Addressing the 4 Dimensions and Applying the Guiding Principles



Ibrahim Hossain

Managing Director & CEO at Eduera Limited & Global Skills Development

Mr. Hossain is an award winning EXIN & PEOPLECERT accredited ITIL Expert trainer who has prepared all 8 courseware for ITIL foundation to Expert level. He is also certified ISO/IEC 20000 consultant for IT service Management Processes.

Mr. Hossain trained thousands of professionals with 98% success record started from CANADA, America, UK, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Bangladesh ARMY, Bangladesh Police, IFC-The World Bank Group, CISCO, Ericsson, HUAWEI, Grameenphone, Robi, Bangla link, Airtel, Digicon, Mirtelecom, and many others.

He received award from customers for delivering outstanding training and rated as 5 start trainer. Here are the reviews
Along with Training and Certification Mr. Hossain helps IT companies to design and implement best practices to ensure:
1. Increase Revenue
2. Consistent Service delivery
3. Higher customer satisfaction
4. High Performing organizational culture

Bangladesh ARMY has reported multi time increase in their revenue with guidance of Ibrahim Hossain. See the attached report from customer below this cv.

Cosmopolitan IT reported for getting more customers and revenue after training and consultancy from Ibrahim Hossain.

ITIL Expert students have reported for getting new responsibilities and better job with multiple 6 figures in a month. Almost every student reported that they are more confident after receiving training from Mr. Ibrahim Hossain

Mr. Hossain also had years of practical experience in IT Service management, and Telecom Industry on ISO 20000: 2008 and 2013 process implementation, IT Service management tool deployment, lead and implement ITIL and ITSM tool deployment for companies like Accenture Bangladesh, Bangladesh Army, Grameenphone Ltd. and World Vision Bangladesh.

By heart he is a trainer and facilitates the training workshops by managing the dynamics of the groups and corporate. He consistently upgrades his knowledge and sustains high quality Consulting Services and training delivery


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