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Course Description

The course covered the eight key areas of the COBIT 2019 including framework introduction, principles, governance system and components, governance and management objectives, performance management, designing a tailored governance system, business case, and implementation with detail examples.

In this course, you  will also be taught about the concepts, models and key definitions of COBIT framework and helps prepare learners to if you want to take the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam.

COBIT® is a framework for the enterprise governance and management of information and technology (I&T) that supports enterprise goal achievement.



Learning Outcomes

    •     Absolute understanding new framework of COBIT 2019
    •         Key concepts and terminology need to undersatnd
    •      Governance and Framework Principles and how to use them in organization
    •      Governance system and components and how to use them for any of the Governance and Management objectives 
    •      Governance and management objectives and how to integrate with components, standard or references
    •          Performance management and

    •         Designing a tailored governance system



    What Is Governance And Why Do We Need It?
    What is COBIT?
    Purpose of COBIT 2019
    Who is the right Particiapnts What we cover in the training How the exam will be
    Benefits of Enterprise IT Governance
    What is COBIT 2019 and What Is Not?
    Perspective of Internal Stakeholder
    Cobit Overview
    Improves on Prior Version

COBIT 2019 Principles

    Governance Framework Principle

Governance & Management Objectives

    Governance and Management Objectives
    Components of the Governance System
    Components of all types can be generic or can be variants of generic
    Focus area
    Risk Profile
    Information & Technology Related issue
    Threat Landscape
    Example for Design Factors
    Goal cascading and enterprise goal
    Goal cascade and Alignment goals
    COBIT Governance and Management Objectives

Performance Management in COBIT 2019

    COBIT 2019 Performance Management
    Managing Performance Process
    Rating Process and Maturity Levels for Focus Areas
    Managing Performance of Other Govt System Component & Organizational Struct
    Performance Management: Info System, Stages and Steps in the Design Process

Implementation of Enterprise Governance of IT

    Implementation of Enterprise Governance of IT
    Phases and Getting Started with COBIT


What is the difference between COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019?

    COBIT 2019 is an evolved version of COBIT 5. It uses the same foundation and adds features and services to manage different developments that could affect an organization's IT sector. Over time, COBIT has continued to help companies improve their performance by managing their data, information, and technology.
Which of the following is correct statement about the COBIT 2019 frame work?

    It is designed for information and technology governance and management.
What is new in COBIT 2019

    COBIT 2019 includes additional changes, updates, and removals. For instance: The generic enabler model, Enabler Guidance and Process Goals, have been removed in the new, simplified framework. The CPM and Process Capability Assessment now follows a CMMI-inspired capability model.
What is the difference between ITIL and COBIT?

    COBIT describes the rules that support an organization's IT services that make the best use of its resources and assets, whereas ITIL describes the parts of the IT services in detail about service management like process activities, organizational structuring, etc.
Is COBIT 5 still valid?

    While your COBIT 5 Certificate will not expire, having the latest ISACA certification will vouch for your ability to keep with the latest standards, frameworks, and compliance requirements to deliver benefits to your business



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