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Course Description

A scrum master is a facilitator for an agile development team. Scrum is a methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make changes quickly, in accordance with agile principles. The scrum master manages the process for how information is exchanged.



Learning Outcomes

    1. Understand how Scrum can be used to deliver quality products.
    2. Get everyone in your team aligned around the roles of Scrum.
    3. Clarify on how to do detailed planning and estimation using Scrum.
    4. The team will learn to be self-organized and own the product backlog.
    5. Enable your team to get early feedback from your customer about Product progress.





    Scrum Part - 1

Aircraft , product backlog, estimating

    Scrum Part - 2 ( Aircraft , product backlog, estimating)

Velocity , Events , Agile practice , contract types

    Scrum Part - 3 ( Velocity , Events , Agile practice , contract types)


What is an Agile Scrum Master?

    A Scrum Master is a facilitator for an Agile development team. They are responsible for managing the exchange of information between team members. Scrum is a project management framework that enables a team to communicate and self-organize to make changes quickly, in accordance with Agile principles.
What is the difference between agile and Scrum Master?

    The biggest differences are what you are expected to do. A Scrum Master works with “A” team. An Agile Coach works with ALL teams, AND executives AND other teams/groups. A Scrum Master ensures that the team is following the Scrum process, doing the ceremonies and behaving the right way.
Do I need a degree to be a Scrum Master?

    Though there are no formal education requirements for scrum masters, most earn a bachelor's degree to be a competitive candidate in the field. A degree in engineering or business administration is helpful, though scrum masters can major in any field.
What jobs can Scrum Masters do?

    A Scrum Master can become the organizational transformation expert by helping not just one team but several teams and departments in the organization. They can coach management teams, customer organizations, other Scrum teams etc. eventually play a crucial role in organizational development and transformation.
Is it hard to be a Scrum Master?

    Becoming a Scrum Master isn't hard, but successfully leading your team under the principles of Scrum takes commitment, courage, and focus. The requirements to become a Certified Scrum Master give you the ability to do exactly that.


Syed Mohamed Wahiduzzaman

Senior Project Manager

Seeking to continue my professionalism, where my dedication, expertise and talent will definitely bring the organization creating a sharper edge within the industry. Aspire for a challenging position to contribute to the company's growth, in turn ensuring personal growth.


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