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  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language Bangla
  • Duration 00:00 H
  • Total Enrollments: 6

Course Description

The aim of this course is to help you master an ethical hacking methodology that can be used in penetration testing or ethical hacking situations. You can combine the ethical hacking course with your skills which are in high demand. As well as this globally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker certification.



Learning Outcomes

    • Hacking methods, steps of hacking, types of hackers
    • From Zero to High Intermediate level
    • Understanding of information security, basic terminology, policy-procedures
    • Collecting username/password, email addresses, live web cam, etc
    • information through Google hacking
    • The basic idea of ​​Linux
    • What does Footprinting/reconnaissance mean?
    • Basic understanding of Nmap
    • Nmap's advanced scanning technique
    • Discover Open Ports, Installed Services, Running
    • Hacking the target system through a server-side attack



    Teaser merge
    Information Security Basic
    what is hacking & type of hacker
    why learn hacking with background

Setting Up Hacking Lab

    Overview of the lab
    virtual box installation
    kali installation

Linux Basics

    Overview of kali
    linux command

Footprinting & Scanning

    Goggle hacking basic
    Google Hacking-extracting username, password, email address, live web cam
    Overview of recon-ng - A Reconnaissance Tool
    Recon-ng-extracting hostnames, PoCs, exposed vulns
    Dmitry-extracting whois, netcraft, domain information
    Nmap - an introduction to network mapper
    Nmap: target & port specification
    Nmap: scan type
    Nmap: service enumeration, OS detection
    Nmap Advanced Scanning technique

Gaining access-server side attacks

    What is Server Side Attack
    Introduction to Victim Machine - Metasploitable
    Setting up Metasploitable as Victim Machine
    Scanning & Basic Exploitation
    Exploiting FTP Service to Access into Server
    Exploiting Samba to Hack Windows Machine

Gaining access-client side attacks

    What is Client Side Attack
    Introduction to Malware
    Veil Framework Installation
    Generate Backdoor using Veil Framework and Basic Delivery Method to Victim
    Listening for Incoming Connection and Hack Windows 10

Client Side Attacks using Social Engineering Technique

    Basic Concepts of Backdooring
    Backdooring Any File Type-image, pdf etc
    Compiling Custom Script & Changing Trojan’s Icon
    Spoofing .exe Extension to Any Extention (jpg, pdf etc)

Post exploitation: Maintaining Access

    Basic Commands of Meterpreter
    Execution of File System Commands
    Spying on Hacked System

Website Penetration - Information Gathering

    Finding Registrar/Registrant Information of a Website
    Discovering Technologies used in a Wwebsite
    Discovering Different Websites Hosted in Same Server
    Finding Files and Directories in A Website
    Discovering Subdomains Manually
    Discovering Subdomain Using Tools

Website Penetration - Command Execution Vulnerabilities

    Finding Command Execution Vulnerabilities and Exploit Them - Low Level
    Finding Command Execution Vulnerabilities and Exploit Them - Medium Level
    Finding Command Execution Vulnerabilities and Exploit Them - Advanced Level
    Preventing This Vulnerability

Website Penetration - File Upload Vulnerabilities

    Finding File Upload Vulnerabilities and Exploit Them - Low Level
    Finding File Upload Vulnerabilities and Exploit Them - Medium Level
    Finding File Upload Vulnerabilities and Exploit Them - Advanced Level
    Preventing This Vulnerabilitiy

Website Penetration - Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

    Introduction to XSS
    Finding and Exploiting XSS - Low Level
    Finding and Exploiting XSS - Medium Level
    Finding and Exploiting XSS - Advanced Level
    Hijack Victim's Cookie or Session and Login as Victim

Website Penetration - SQL Injection

    What is SQL
    Introduction to Database, SQLi and Why SQLi is Dangerous
    Finding SQLi in GET Parameter
    Finding SQLi using Post Method
    Bypass Login Page
    Extracting DB Information (DB Name, Version, User etc)
    Extracting Tablename, Username, Password
    SQL injection using SQLMAP
    Preventing SQLi

Website Penetration - Discovering vulnerabilities Automatically

    Automatically vulnerability Assessment using ZAP
    Analysing Scan Result Found by ZAP
    Automatically Vulnerability Detection by Nikto
    Analysing Scan Result Found by Nikto
    Burpsuite - Overview and Configuration
    Burpsuite - Vulnerability Detection, Repeater, Intruder

Network Hacking - Basics

    Introduction to Network Hacking
    Wireless Mode (Managed & Monitor)

Network Hacking - Pre-connection Attack

    Packet Sniffing Basic

Network Hacking - Gaining Access

    Cracking Wifi using Wordlist

Network Hacking - Post Connection Attack - MITM Attack

    Basic of ARP Poisoning
    Performing ARP Attack
    Introduction to Bettercap
    Basics of Bettercap
    ARP Spoofing Attack using Bettercap
    Spoofing using Custom Script
    Spying On Network Devices (Capturing Username, Password, Browsing Data etc)
    Bypassing HTTPS
    Bypassing HSTS
    Analysing Captured Packets using Wireshark

Hacking Mobile Platform

    Creating Malformed APK To Hack Android System
    Using The Malformed APK Over The Internet To Hack Android System

19. Introduction & USB Hack

    USB Hack

20. IP Address and Mobile number track

    IP Address and Mobile Track

21. Online victim information tracking

    Online Victim information Tracking

22. Advance Phishing

    Advance Phishing

23. Phishing Website

    Phishing Website

24. Malicious mobile application

    Malicious Mobile Application

25. Facebook toolkite

    Facebook Toolkite-1

26. Secret Tips

    Secret tips for NID

27. Keylogger


28. Facebook Security

    Facebook Securety

29. FB Report

    Fb Report

30. Advanced Phishing

    Advance Phishing

31. Phishing Website

    Phishing Website

32. Malicious Mobile Application

    Malicious Mobile Application

33. Facebook Toolkit

    Facebook Toolkit

34. Secret Tips

    Secret Tips

35. Keylogger


36. Facebook Security

    Facebook Security

37. Facebook Report

    Facebook Report

38. Free fire Hack

    Freefire Hack

WhatsApp Hack

    WhatsApp Hack

40. Email & Gmail Hack

    Email & Gmail Hacak

41. Instagram Hack

    Instagram Hack

42. WiFi Hack

    WiFi Hack

43. Skype Hack

    Skype Hack

45. Snapchat Hack

    Snapchat Hack

45. Facebook Page Hack

    Facebook Page Hack

46. Facebook Accounts Recovery

    Facebook Accounts Recover


ইথিক্যাল ফেইসবুক হ্যাকিং কি?

    ইথিক্যাল ফেইসবুক হ্যাকিং হচ্ছে ইথিক্যাল হ্যাকিং এবং ফেইসবুক সিকুরিটি হ্যাকিং, এই দুটি কোর্সের সমন্বয়। আপনি যদি প্রথমে ফেইসবুক হ্যাকিং শিখতে চান তাহলে আপনি শুরুতেই ফেইসবুক হ্যাকিং কোর্সের অংশ টুকু দেখে নিতে পারেন। তারপর ইথিক্যাল হ্যাকিং এ আসতে পারেন। অথবা প্রথমে ইথিক্যাল হ্যাকিং দেখে নিতে পারেন এবং পরে ফেইসবুক হ্যাকিং কোর্সটি দেখে নিতে পারেন।
কোর্সটি করলে কি আমি হ্যাকিং করতে বা শিখতে পারব?

    প্রথমত হ্যাকিং করা আইনত দন্ডনীয় অপরাধ। এই কোর্সের মূল উদ্দেশ্য হচ্ছে আপনাকে শিখানো কিভাবে ব্যাক্তিগত জীবনে বা আপনার কোম্পানিকে আপনি হ্যাকিং থেকে নিরাপদ রাখতে পারেন।
আমি কি কোর্স শেষে সার্টিফিকেট পাবো ?

    জি অবশ্যই আপনি কোর্স শেষে সার্টিফিকেট পাবেন।
কোর্সটি শেষ করে কি আমি চাকরি পাবো?

    আপনি চাকরি পাবেন কি না, তা নির্ভর করে করে আপনি এই কোর্সটি থেকে কতটুকু দক্ষতা অর্জন করেছেন। যদি আপনি নিয়মিত প্র্যাকটিস করেন তাহলে আপনি সফলতার সাথে ইথিক্যাল হ্যাকিং এ আপনার ক্যারিয়ার গরতে পারবেন।ক



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