COBIT Training in Bangladesh

If your organization strategy fall into any of the four below categories, than COBIT 2019 design and implementation training for your organization.

COBIT: An umbrella framework for governance of Information and technology. COBIT connect and segregate roles and responsibility between governance and management. 

If your organization strategy fall into any of the four below categories, than COBIT 2019 design and implementation training for your organization. 

  1. Growth/ acquisition 

  2. Innovation/ differentiation

  3. cost leadership

  4. client service/stability

You know which 1 or 2 is more important for your organization.

Based on the preferred enterprise strategy and 9 other design factor organization define the organization Objectives and control mechanism how to achieve those objectives. 

Organizations are advice to choose only most important objectives 3 to 5 at a time using data driven COBIT decision tool.

Have look at the few screenshots tool 

There are total 10 design factors. And base on the input you will find your most important objective list like the sample below:

After getting the priority list we will guide you how to implement those objectives along with necessary metrics, activity list, relevant standards, complain and recommended capability level.

COBIT 2019 to provide and help organization to

  • build and sustain a best-fit governance system

  • aligns with major related standards, frameworks and regulations. 

  • bringing structure to decision making

  • assisting in the creation of a more agile governance system. 

  • Provides Enterprise Governance of Information & Technology (EGIT)

    • is a comprehensive repository of guidance

    • tools, models

    • resources to help business leaders achieve their objectives for effective I&T governance.

Right Audience for this training:

Training Methodology:

It’s a trainer lead classroom based or live virtual interactive class. This include but not limited to

  1. Group discussion and case studies

  2. Q&A

  3. Complete the design activities for organization

Book use in this training:

  1. COBIT-2019-Framework-Introduction-and-Methodology_res_eng_1118

  2. COBIT-2019-Design-Guide_res_eng_1218

  3. COBIT-2019-Framework-Governance-and-Management-Objectives_res_eng_1118-13-Sep-2020

  4. COBIT-2019-Framework-Introduction-and-Methodology_res_eng_1118

Tool used in this training

  1. COBIT-2019-Design-Toolkit_tkt_eng_1218_Corr_0222

  2. COBIT 2019_Management-Awareness-Diagnostic_v1.0

  3. COBIT 2019_RACI by role_April 2020

Last client for this training: INTOSAI DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (IDI), Norway; with global audience from Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania.

Assign Trainer: Ibrahim Hossain, internationally accredited trainer for Digital and IT Strategy, Direct Plan Improve, Agile business professional, COBIT and have students in 112 countries.

Full CV attached.



  • Introduction

  • What is governance and why do we need it

  • What is COBIT

  • 4 Purpose of COBIT 2019

  • Right participants

  • What we cover in the training

  • Exam Specification

  • Benefits of Enterprise IT Governance

  • What is COBIT 2019 and what is not

  • Perspective if Internal stakeholder

  • Overview COBIT 2019 and publications

  • COBIT 2019 improves on prior version

  • Interactive   Session:   Vision   to work   orientation   exercise (Individual Assignment through Excel)

COBIT 2019 Principles


  • Governance framework principles

  • Interactive Session: 4P Mapping (Group Assignment)

  • Q & A Session

Governance and Management Objectives

  • Governance and Management Objectives

  • COBIT Core model & components of governance framework

  • Focus Area design factors and enterprise goals

  • Risk Profile

  • IT related issues

  • Threat landscape its implementation methods enterprise size

  • Goal cascading and enterprise goal

  • Goal cascade and alignment goals

  • Purpose of Governance and management objectives

  • Purpose of Governance and management objectives BIA domain

  • Purpose of Governance and management objectives BIA domain

  • Purpose of Governance and management objectives MEA domain

  • Interactive Session: Design Measurement Matrix for Non-Profit Organization

  • Q & A Session

Performance Management of COBIT 2019

  • Performance management in COBIT 2019

  • Managing performance process

  • Rating process and maturity levels for Focus areas

  • Managing performance of other govt system component & organizational struct

  • Performance management: info system, stages and steps in the design process

  • Q & A Session

Implementation of Enterprise Governance of IT

  • Implementation of Enterprise Governance of IT

  • COBIT 2019 7 Phases of implementation

  • Interactive Session: How to design tailor governance for non-profit organization

  • Q & A Session

COBIT 2019 Business Case

  • COBIT 2019 Business Case

  • COBIT 2019 Sample Business Case for EGIT implementation in ACME corporatio